The Best Accessories for a Western Bride

There is no question that the Western look is yet again a cultural phenomenon. From Beyoncé’s new album “Cowboy Carter” that puts her stamp on country music alongside Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton to Pharrell Williams’ reimagining American cowboy heritage with his fall-winter Louis Vuitton, where Mumford & Sons performed and Oscar-nominated film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” the trend is firmly ensconced.

The look actually has been bubbling up on bridal TikTok for some time. Case in point: the ultimate cowboy boot brand Lucchese launched a bridal capsule collection for spring.  To complete the style, include lace gloves, turquoise jewelry, novelty earrings, and a D-ring cowboy belt with floral embellishments. And top it all off with the iconic 10-gallon hat.

Sydney Evan earrings

Sydney Evan earrings.

Courtesy of Sydney Evans

When it comes to the gown, ruffles, a strapless corset  and a good amount of tulle are the way to go, like a dress by Andrew Kwon. If the full look seems daunting, try a minidress or simpler column gown paired with Western accessories.

Brilliant Earth engagement ring

Brilliant Earth engagement ring.

Courtesy of Brillant Earth

The ring? The Western theme feels right in line with a pear diamond shape, which is also making the rounds on TikTok as a trend.

Lulus hat

Lulus hat.

Courtesy of Lulus

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