Mark Levin Urges Trump To Reject VP Prospects Who Won't Appear On His Show

Mark Levin on Monday said that he would advise 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump to disqualify prospective running mates who won’t appear on the conservative radio host’s popular show. (Check out the clip below.)

Levin, who also hosts “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, appeared to obliterate the line between advocacy journalism and functioning as a Trump operative in his remarks.

He began by pointing out his radio program’s reach to millions. He basically beseeched Trump to eliminate veep prospects not vetted by him and, by extension, his audience.

“If there’s somebody who claims to be a conservative and won’t come on this program, then my advice to President Trump is, do not choose them as your running mate,” Levin said. “If they’re not willing to come on this program and talk to me, and I speak to them on your behalf ― don’t you agree, Mr. Producer? ― that’s a telltale sign that they have a problem with you, millions and millions and millions of you.”

Levin said that one possible Trump pick, a senator, has refused to appear on the show.

“I cannot support this individual,” he said, without naming the person.

The Fox newsie, who worked as an adviser to several Cabinet members in Ronald Reagan’s presidential administration, seemed to be assuming an adviser’s role for Trump in his quest to defeat President Joe Biden in a rematch.

Levin emphasized that he will stand by Trump no matter whom he chooses for the Republican ticket. But he strongly recommended that the former president pick a prospect who passes muster with the host and his listeners.

Speaking to his audience, he declared, “If there’s somebody who wants to be vice president of the United States who claims to be a constitutional conservative, and they won’t talk to you — they should be itching to talk to you, they should be begging to talk to you ― and I can’t support them.”

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