Magical Megève: Why This French Mountain Destination Should Be On Your Winter Travel List

Megève has everything an alpine destination needs and more — 150 ski slopes, cozy chalets, Michelin-starred restaurants, and abundant sunshine. Go for a hike to enjoy panoramic views of Mont Blanc or indulge in a delicious hot chocolate in Megève’s quaint village center; the possibilities are endless. Mountain enthusiasts can enjoy 445 kilometers of pistes and those who like to move at a slower pace can indulge in a spa treatment or enjoy some warming fondue. There’s something here for everyone, especially at Four Seasons Hotel Megève where you can ski-in and ski-out for a snow-filled day of sports or just unwind in their heated outdoor pool while enjoying striking mountain views.

In addition to sports, a spa, and multiple dining options, Four Seasons Hotel Megève can also make some extraordinary experiences happen for their guests. For example, the Four Seasons Megève Collection igloo will appeal to the gourmet who also likes a little adventure with their meal. You will snowshoe trek through the terrain until you see a charming igloo in the dense fir forest which has been decorated with candlelight and cozy blankets. Here you’ll enjoy charcuterie, local cheese and warm mulled wine in your own little wintery cocoon. Another unique activity is soaking in an apres-ski bath carefully prepared by therapists and delivered to your doorstep to feel revived after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Megève also has a unique relationship with astronomy as it’s renowned for stargazing and even has its own observatory. For the celestially-inclined the ‘A Night Above the Clouds’ is a dream come true involving a secluded mountaintop stay at their Suite Ideal where dining and skiing await. “After a scenic cable car ride, savor a delightful Savoyard dinner highlighting local cheeses, while taking in the majestic starry sky on the suite’s terrace,” says Joachim Jacob, General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Megève. “The next day enjoy a tailored breakfast before being the first to hit the ski slopes or other activities arranged by the in-house butler.”

This stargazing suite was featured in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ recent campaign “Based On A True Stay” which showcases how the hotel chain makes extraordinary experiences come to life for their guests. In the Megève moment of the campaign, a couple on their honeymoon spoke about their love for watching the stars which was overheard by a member of the team. They then brought the couple’s dream of spending an evening “à la belle étoile” to life. “This moment perfectly encapsulates the personalization and care that Four Seasons brings to our guests each day,” says Marc Speichert, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Four Seasons. “Further illustrating our desire to provide luxury with genuine heart while fostering a true sense of belonging among each of our guests.”

The village of Megève was built very intentionally which is reflected in its beauty and abundance of things to do. In 1920 Noémie de Rothschild, wife of Baron Maurice de Rothschild wanted to launch a French counterpart to her beloved vacation destination St. Moritz. She invested in infrastructure, and oversaw the creation of a ski lift, airfield and 18-hole golf course which eventually put Megève on the map as an A-list favorite winter destination.

Today the town is ideal for visitors that can’t wait to be the first on the ski lift or others who would rather focus on dining and self-care. From food indulgences to hitting the slopes to observing the stars like an astronomer, there’s much to enjoy at Four Seasons Hotel Megève this upcoming winter.

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