Greta Lee Features in Loewe’s ‘Botanical Rainbow’ Perfume Campaign

Greta Lee, best known for her roles on “The Morning Show” and “Russian Doll,” joined fellow thespians Úrsula Corberó and Stéphane Bak for a new Loewe Perfumes campaign, titled “Botanical Rainbow.”

The campaign marks the release of Loewe’s new perfume, Aire Anthesis, a unisex fragrance from the namesake Botanical Rainbow collection, which is the first in a new generation of scents featuring a signature Loewe Accord, which is based on the Spanish rockrose.

Loewe, Botanical Rainbow

Stéphane Bak and Úrsula Corberó for Loewe Botanical Rainbow

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Celebrating nature, the campaign imagery is based on screentest shots that celebrate the various ranges of talent cast.

Key scents from the Loewe Botanical Rainbow collection appear in dialogue with the campaign’s faces: Loewe 001 is photographed with Bak and Corberó in a nod to the line’s sensuous character, designed to be shared by partners. The new unisex Loewe Aire Anthesis is featured with Greta Lee performing a series of ethereal poses. The masculine Loewe Esencia EDP and feminine Loewe Solo Ella EDP are paired with Bak and Corberó, respectively, who both play on exaggeration in gesture and stance.

Loewe, Botanical Rainbow

Greta Lee for Loewe Botanical Rainbow

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In addition to the Botanical Rainbow fragrances, the campaign highlights the redesign and relaunch of the Madrid-inspired luxury collection “Un Paseo por Madrid,” which features a distinctive marble cap, as captured in the campaign alongside Greta Lee.

Loewe, Botanical Rainbow

Stéphane Bak for Loewe Botanical Rainbow

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The campaign was shot by photographer and longtime Loewe collaborator Tyler Mitchell and the accompanying film was directed by Albert Moya. Elements in the campaign imagery and videos include entwined flowers, leaves and other botanical elements arranged in the style of Japanese ikebana.

Loewe is also gearing up for its Paris Fashion Week runway show, which is scheduled for Sept. 29.

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