Greta Gerwig to Direct New Adaptation of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA

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Greta Gerwig — director of movies like 2023’s hit Barbie, Little Women, and Lady Bird — will direct a new film series that adapts C.S. Lewis children’s classic The Chronicles of Narnia.

This latest adaptation has a bit of stank surrounding it, though — Netflix and Gerwig are both very aware of the failures of past adaptions of the books, and are eager to avoid them. Gerwig has listed acquiring new talent for the cast as one way to keep the new adaptation feeling fresh. She’s only onboard for two out of a possible five movies, though, so only time will tell what happens to the film franchise as a whole.

Filming is currently set to start in August this year, and is expected to last for seven months. Click here to learn more about the adaptation.

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