EXCLUSIVE: Lele Sadoughi Debuts First Bridal Accessories Collection

Lele Sadoughi is entering the bridal market after increased customer demand.

The accessories designer is introducing an 11-piece bridal collection on Saturday into her namesake brand, leveraging her popular headbands, hair accessories and jewelry for a range of pieces meant for every type of bride.

Sadoughi explained the collection has been roughly two years in the making and was influenced by an increase in customer demand for bridal pieces. She stated over the years she’s seen brides pick up her pearl-embellished and ivory-hued pieces for their wedding-related events, which encouraged her to create a specific bridal collection.

“What’s interesting is one of our most popular colors, especially in our jewelry, is mother-of-pearl,” she explained. “We would see trends where you’ll see people come in and they’ll get like a dozen of something, and we’re like, ‘Oh that’s a bridesmaid earring,’ and they’ll buy them as gifts. We get so much reposting from just people having their weddings and the UGC content that shows people getting married in a lot of the same core pieces.” 

The collection includes a veiled headband, a veiled fascinator, a veiled comb, headbands, claw clips, earrings, belts and a satin clutch. Sadoughi named the beaded veiled headband as one of the key styles in the collection. The style takes inspiration from her bestselling beaded headband and is complemented with a short white veil. 

Styles from the Lele Sadoughi bridal accessories collection

Styles from the Lele Sadoughi bridal accessories collection.

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi

Other key styles include gold and mother-of-pearl chandelier earrings designed to look like vine leaves and a veil comb embellished with large floral appliqué details. The collection ranges in price from $75 to $225. 

“We are all about accessorizing,” Sadoughi said. “I love the categories that we [offer] because it is all about individualizing a look. Everybody has your investment pieces, like a camel coat or a sweater and all these things. You could easily just look like the person next to you, but when you come into the Lele Sadoughi store, this is your way to customize and individualize a look. There is nothing more important than looking special on your wedding day, so we design for the girl that is not a wallflower, that wants to stand out and that wants to look special. Every bride that wants to look beautiful on her day can find something in our store.” 

Sadoughi explained she sees an opportunity in the bridal market to be a go-to destination for bridal accessories. 

“There are so many established companies out there that do amazing gowns, but I believe that there could be more focus on accessories and that’s kind of my mantra for everything,” she said. “Working at J. Crew, working at Tory Burch and all these really big iconic companies where apparel is king — with the exception of your designer bags and shoes — I did not see as strong of an emphasis on all the beautiful little nuances, whether it was the jewelry or the clips and pieces like that. So, the fact that we put all of our focus on those special little touches, I think can make us an easy destination for everything that you need.” 

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