EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity-loved Label Heaven Mayhem Enters the Watch Category

Heaven Mayhem is continuing its rapid growth by expanding into watches.

The Los Angeles-based accessories brand worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie Grainge, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more is debuting its first watch, called the Icon Watch, on July 18. This is the latest category expansion for the two-year-old brand founded by creative director Pia Mance, following belts and necklaces in the last year. 

“Heaven Mayhem really is the timeless accessory brand that just adds to your wardrobe,” Mance said. “It’s stuff that just really elevates your look and I was thinking, ‘What else can I do? What other accessories?’ I’ve always been such a watch fan — it really interests me and makes me so curious about why people are so obsessed with watches. People get them for such special gifts or anniversaries or occasions and people know so much about them and collect them.” 

The brand’s Icon Watch is designed with quartz movement, a leather strap, a stainless steel gold-plated watch dial and a hand-engraved saying. The watch is sold with a black leather band for $270, and the brand is also offering three other leather bands that are available for purchase for $70 each. 

To lean into the “icon” aesthetic of the watch, Mance named each watch strap after an iconic woman. Style names are Bruni (brown pebbled leather), Monroe (burgundy alligator-style leather), Diana (emerald green alligator-style leather) and Kelly (black alligator-style leather). 

Celebrity loved accessories brand Heaven Mayhem launches watches

Heaven Mayhem’s Icon Watch

Courtesy of Heaven Mayhem

“I’m wanting to create something timeless that kind of goes with the rest of our collection,” Mance said. “The customer is that capsule wardrobe girl who loves to have great staple pieces, but accessorize and dress it up with accessories. I’m really leaning into all of that data to create something that I think and know the customer will love.” 

Mance stated she hopes watches will becoming a core part of Heaven Mayhem and has three more watch launches planned for the near future. She explained her goal is to become an accessories brand rather than focus on just jewelry. 

The founder first launched Heaven Mayhem with a limited collection of pendant necklaces she made by hand, and followed it up with several other limited handmade collections until she had earned enough revenue to fund an earring collection, which has become Heaven Mayhem’s “bread and butter,” according to Mance.

Celebrity loved accessories brand Heaven Mayhem launches watches

Heaven Mayhem’s Icon Watch

Courtesy of Heaven Mayhem

Mance stated she believes the brand has become popular among customers, influencers and celebrities for the vintage and timeless aesthetic. 

“It’s the product — I think everything comes down to the product all the time,” she said. “I’ve said this before — I don’t think you can market yourself out of a bad product. It’s just the fact that [the styles are] so unique, and it’s really got this, ‘if you know you know’ feel right now.” 

Mance isn’t slowing down Heaven Mayhem’s expansion after the watch launch. In August, Heaven Mayhem is debuting its first brooch collection. Mance said she thinks brooches “got bad PR” and she wants to change that perception. 

“I feel it’s kind of giving grandma, but it’s actually giving the sexiest, coolest way to elevate any outfit,” she said. “We’re doing some really cool styling content around the brooches that are coming.” 

She is also debuting miscellaneous accessories pieces like luggage tags and jewelry trays this summer. Mance is also working on a sunglasses collection, which she hopes to introduce this year or early next. 

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