Dunhill Unveils First Campaign Under Simon Holloway

LONDON Dunhill’s creative director Simon Holloway is calling for a new era for the brand with his debut campaign that aims to represent British style and class.

The campaign images are set in a grand London town house with model Adam Sattrup sitting on a brown suede sofa wearing a three layered outfit consisting of a wool blazer, a knit sweater and an unbuttoned shirt. 

An extra touch of elegance is added to Holloway’s vision by way of a weimaraner sitting on a red Kashan rug next to Sattrup.

Dunhill fall 2024 campaign.

Dunhill fall 2024 campaign.

Another image is a model standing by a black grand piano wearing a cream double-breasted suit that would be ideal for attending the 2024 Wimbledon Championships that are taking place right now.

“It’s important to reclaim the mantle of exquisite British menswear because it’s been a bit absent,” the designer told WWD earlier this year ahead of his debut show at the National Portrait Gallery.

“The world references British menswear in their design work, whether it’s heritage in color, typology of fabric or even the codes of classic menswear — it really does derive from an English construct. To celebrate that in a really handsome way will be wonderful,” he added. 

Dunhill fall 2024 campaign.

Dunhill fall 2024 campaign.

He has succeeded in delivering a new aesthetic for Dunhill, which before Holloway had succumbed to campaign images that focused plainly on objects and accessories without an element of storytelling that the new creative director has instilled in the brand.

His spring 2025 show in Milan was a testament to the narrative he’s unfolding at the British brand. The show took place in the center of Milan in a leafy garden that evoked the feeling of an English garden party.

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