Cupra doubles down on design, but moves beyond cars

Cupra has never shied away from bold design, even—or perhaps especially—when it proves polarising. From the start, the company has positioned itself unapologetically as a design-driven brand for people who love to drive. Now it’s taking that design obsession into new realms outside of automotive with the standalone design house Cupra Design. This new business unit will oversee the existing lifestyle merchandise range but also work with a wide range of other companies from various industries as a design consultant. The stated ambition of Cupra Design is “to become the go-to place for those who want bold, unconventional designs, no matter their product or project.”

It’s a risky move, potentially consuming valuable resources with little ROI at a time when investment demands in the core automotive product are soaring. But it’s also much in line with Cupra’s brand positioning and could prove an additional spur to the current sales momentum the brand is enjoying with its existing line-up.

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