Coach Launches Toothpaste in ‘Fresh Leather Flavor’

There’s a new product category for Coach: dental hygiene. Happy April Fools’ Day.

The brand took part in the prank-filled holiday on Monday on, showing a “fluoride toothpaste” product prominently on the website under the caption, “Polish your shine with sparkling new Coach toothpaste.”

coach toothpaste, coach outlet april fools day

After clicking the button, titled “start brushing,” the page reveals the offerings in three flavors: Leather, Solid Gold and Signature C. The next page directs to’s New Arrivals page with the message: “Happy April Fools’ Day.” Adding, “While we don’t have any plans to make Coach toothpaste (yet), we do love to see you smile.”

The Tapestry brand isn’t alone in 2024 April Fools’ Day pranks. Crocs shared on Instagram a new clog designed for toes to pop out of its ventilation holes; Kenneth Cole released underwear to be worn as outerwear in an Instagram video, writing: “After years of research and development, our revolutionary OVERWEAR collection launches today.”

coach toothpaste, coach outlet april fools day

In recent years, Hunter, Louis Vuitton and Missguided have debuted joke products. In 2021, Tiffany & Co. went viral after a prank seemed too real for social media. The brand announced that it would change the trademark Tiffany Blue to Tiffany Yellow, and the jeweler brought the joke into the real world with a yellow diamond-themed installation at its Beverly Hills location. The announcement went viral.

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