Bitgert Coin's Potential: Reaching the $0.0001 Milestone

Looking at the way the Bitgert coin has been moving in the last few days, we could be seeing a potentially strong arrangement that could propel the price upward in the next few days. But this is not something that can be said out of a single glance into the coin’s price chart. This is particularly because most investors and speculators have been eyeing a possible move in the coming weeks that could see the Bitgert asset doing over 1000% of assets. The issue is simply that they can’t conclude what could be a probable driver for this huge surge in the Bitgert coin price.

Many factors are currently acting in the favor of Bitgert at the moment, one of which is the fact that Bitgert is using innovation to make crypto transactions better. But, even though the innovations are interesting right now, are they strong enough to act as a catalyst for the Bitgert coin price surge? The answer is a straight-up “Yes!” But, to make this assertion better, we need to understand the innovation Bitgert has been using to move the market since its launch.

Lower Rate For Every Transaction With Bitgert BRISE

Trading with the Bitgert BRISE comes with an assurance of a lower gas fee, no matter when you choose to trade. One major issue that makes most other crypto assets hard to deal with is the issue surrounding their ability to handle surge moments. Whenever there is a high number of traders using a crypto asset at the same time, most crypto asset networks find it difficult to handle this situation, which ends up leading to an increased gas fee. A popular example is the Ethereum network. 

However, Bitgert uses a mechanism that helps it deal with many users at all times, hence the assurance of a lower gas fee every time you trade the Bitgert coin. This is the first step that is leading to a higher demand for Bitgert coins. 

Higher Transaction Speed Everyday

For the Bitgert coin to get to the $0.0001 milestone, more people need to trade with it. Bitgert has already implemented a market structure that makes this trade better and easier. Bitgert BRISE has a current Transaction speed that’s beyond 100,000 TPS, meaning a faster transaction to deal with more than 100,000 transactions every second. 

This is a huge implementation that could make the coin get to the $0.0001 level faster than everyone is currently thinking. With a Transaction Speed that beats every other altcoin, many investors are now seeing Bitgert as the coin of the future. 

Many speculators are suggesting a period of 5 to 8 weeks for the Bitgert coin to hit the 0.0001 price. But, according to its current movement, we can hit this milestone faster.

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