After announcing a new fee, video-game company Unity receives a death threat and is forced to close 2 offices 'to ensure the safety of our employees'

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Unity Technologies canceled a planned town hall and closed two offices Thursday after receiving what it said was a credible death threat in the wake of a controversial pricing decision earlier this week.

The company was “made aware of a potential threat to some of our offices” and has “taken immediate and proactive measures to ensure the safety of our employees,” a spokesperson said in a statement. Unity is closing offices that could be potential targets on Thursday and Friday, and is “fully cooperating with law enforcement.”

Unity, the maker of tools and technology for video games, set off a firestorm on Sept. 12 by announcing it will begin charging developers a new fee for games made using its software, called the Unity Engine. Beginning Jan. 1, makers of Unity games will have to pay per user installation after a certain threshold is reached.

Some video-game makers accused Unity of violating its own terms of service and lamented that the new charges could threaten their livelihoods. Many game studios put out harshly worded statements urging the technology company to reconsider.

Unity Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello was set to talk to staff Thursday morning but instead said the meeting would be canceled as a precaution. Offices in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco were closed.

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