A weak Euro 7 could make EVs the “only route” for net zero

In November 2022, the European Commission (EC) published its impact assessment (IA) for Euro 7, which included three policy options for the standard’s prospective succession of Euro 6/VI. Each was considered either low, medium, or high ambition according to its relative complexity, cost, and projected benefits.

Low ambition for Euro 7 gasoline cars, for example, was almost identical to Euro 6 aside from slightly more stringent carbon monoxide limits (1,000mg/km to 500mg/km). Meanwhile, the high ambition lowered every limit (nitrogen oxides, particle number, particulate mass, etc.) by around 50-66%. The IA ultimately concluded that a balanced approach between these extremes (medium ambition) would deliver the best health and environmental benefits while also being the most cost-effective for the automotive industry.

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