8 of the Best New Romance Audiobooks to Listen to This Summer

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During the full swing of summer, there’s nothing quite like listening to an audiobook to fully embrace the essence of the season. It’s the time of year for escape, whether you’re escaping out of town on vacation, escaping the heat with a staycation, or escaping reality by starting a new book. Put on your earbuds and sunscreen, because these steamy romances are guaranteed to transport you to a world of beachside flirtations, unforgettable adventures, and love stories that sizzle hotter than the summer sun. Think heartwarming reunions under a starlit sky and unforgettable characters embarking on journeys of love and self-discovery: everything romance readers love. From rivals-to-lovers tropes to heartwarming second-chance romances, this list offers something for every romance audiobook lover.

This curated selection highlights some of the swooniest books of 2024. Even more than that, they are narrated by talented voices that bring the characters and their love stories to life. So, if you’re searching for an audiobook that promises an emotional journey and a happily ever after, look no further. It’s time to grab your headphones, pack a beach bag (or staycation essentials!), and get ready to crush on the hottest romance audiobooks of 2024. Let’s get into it!

Audio cover of Curvy Girl SummerAudio cover of Curvy Girl Summer

Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen, Narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan

Aaliyah is on the cusp of her 30th birthday and wants a date to her birthday party so her family can shut up about her being single already. Her first attempt went awry, so her friends and the local bartender, Ahmad, help her set up an online dating profile. The apps aren’t easy for a big, confident, Black woman to navigate, especially with fetishizing, catfishing, and all the lying going on. Aaliyah is determined not to settle on her dreams for herself or her standards. All she really needs to do is open her eyes to what’s right in front of her.

audio cover of A Novel Love Storyaudio cover of A Novel Love Story

A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston, Narrated by Dorothy Dillingham Blue & Ashley Poston

Eileen Merriweather loves a good romance novel where there are HEAs and not women jilted at the alter, like she was. Having hidden out at home long enough, she decides to go on her book club’s annual retreat. On the way, her car breaks down in Eloraton, the picturesque small town setting from her favorite romance novel series. The town is stuck in the late author’s last unfinished story. Elsy decides to write the town’s happy ending herself, because it just might be intertwined with her own HEA.

audio cover of The Kiss Countdownaudio cover of The Kiss Countdown

The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton, Narrated by Angel Pean

Event planner Amerie is jobless, boyfriendless, and about to be apartmentless. When she runs into a sexy astronaut at her favorite coffee shop at the same time she sees her ex there with his new partner, she pretends that astronaut Vincent is her new boyfriend. Vincent is totally down with this, and they strike up a deal. Amerie will live rent-free in his spare room while she gets her start-up off the ground, and Vincent will have a “girlfriend” to take to all the events leading up to his launch in three months.

audio cover of The Prospects audio cover of The Prospects

The Prospects by KT Hoffman, Narrated by Shaan Dasani & KT Hoffman

In this minor league sports romance, Gene Ionescu has his dream job playing for the Beaverton Beavers as the first openly trans athlete in pro baseball. He’s happy with the life he’s worked hard for, until Luis Estrada, his former teammate and current rival, gets traded to the Beavers. As the two learn to play on the same team, the tension between them turns magnetic. Gene must decide if he’s happy with his minor league life or if he needs some major league changes.

audio cover of How to End a Love Storyaudio cover of How to End a Love Story

How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang, Narrated by Katharine Chin & Andrew Eiden

Helen Zhang never thought she’d see her high school classmate Grant Shepard again, and that suited her just fine. When her YA novel series is optioned for the screen, Grant is one of the lead writers on the screenplay, forcing them to work together. They decide not to tell the other writers about the tragic accident from their past. The more time they spend together, the more they realize that their high school ideas of each other aren’t representative of who they have become…and what might become between them.

audio cover of A Shore Thingaudio cover of A Shore Thing

A Shore Thing by Joanna Lowell, Narrated by Ros Watt

Kit Griffith is starting new in Cornwall with an identity that finally fits him. He knew that leaving his all-women artist community would be difficult, but didn’t think he’d lose painting altogether. Instead, he pursues another interest: selling and riding bicycles. Botanist Muriel Pendrake seeks Kit out to commission him to illustrate British seaweed for her before leaving for New York. He knows he shouldn’t, but this could be his opportunity to show an all-male cycling league that women can ride just as well, if not better, than men. The two agree to help each other. Practice beachside rides turn into Muriel and Kit growing closer. This is a slow burn that you won’t be able to put down.

audio cover of Isabel and the Rougeaudio cover of Isabel and the Rouge

Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa, Narrated by Ruby Hunt

Isabel Luna Valdés feels like the forgotten Luna sister and is determined not to let that stop her from helping Mexico gather information that could aid it during the French Occupation. She’s able to easily slip away from the ton during the season and into libraries and offices to find secrets. Meanwhile, Captain Sirius Dawson is a spy for the British Home Office. He gains politicians’ trust and trysts with knowledgeable ladies. His keen instincts help him identify what Isabel is doing, but she escapes his every attempt to catch her. The attraction between them is strong, and when secrets are revealed, Isabel has to decide if she is loyal to her country or to her heart.

audio cover of Four Eids and a Funeralaudio cover of Four Eids and a Funeral

Four Eids and a Funeral by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé & Adiba Jaigirdar, Narrated by Farah Kidwai, Sandra Okuboyejo & Shahjehan Khan

Tiwa and Said used to be best friends, and when Said goes to a boarding school out of town, it all but seals their ex-bestie fate. Unexpectedly, Said returns home for the summer so he can attend the funeral of his favorite librarian. Since Tiwa and Said go to the same Islamic Center, avoiding each other isn’t so easy. When the center accidentally catches fire, the mayor decides to bulldoze the whole thing. Tiwa is devastated, then determined to save it with Said’s help. Their attempt to save the building is the last chance they have to save their relationship as well.

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