6 L&D Guides To Strengthen Employees' Skills And Improve Workplace Performance

6 LD Guides To Strengthen Employees Skills And Improve Workplace Performance

eBooks That Offer Top Tips And Proven Strategies Every L&D Pro Should Know

Skills are a hot commodity. This fact is probably why employees expect skill building support from their employers, as well as resources to help them hone their performance behaviors. This list features 6 L&D guides that cover the essentials, from developing a successful performance planning strategy to creating a culture of growth within your organization.

L&D Guides To Help You Cultivate Skills And Improve Employee Performance

1. What’s Your Skills Success Equation? Build Your Skills Strategy And Gain A Competitive Advantage By eloomi

Upskilling and reskilling is L&D’s No. 1 priority, according to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Reports. But despite this emphasis and investment, many organizations are still struggling to constructively map skills, bridge gaps, and engage employees with great training. Discover why building an effective skills strategy and developing a true culture of growth is the biggest competitive advantage that your organization can create today.

2. 4 Steps To Making The Pivot To Performance-Driven L&D By 360Learning

Right now, many L&D leaders are moving away from just providing learning to demonstrably affecting employee performance. This cheat sheet highlights steps to help you shift your strategy from learning-based L&D to performance-driven L&D.

3. No Headset? No Problem! Launch Your Immersive Learning Strategy With WebXR By SweetRush

Learning innovator, meet WebXR. Read SweetRush’s guide to discover how this powerful technology helps you bring immersive experiences to every learner, with or without a VR headset, all while integrating with your LMS, serving up superior data analytics, and delivering dazzling ROI.

4. The Extended Advantage: Strategies For Training Learners Outside Your Organization By Schoox

Extended enterprise learning is typically defined as training for people who aren’t employees of your organization. In this eBook, Schoox digs into who these people are, why training them is a smart thing to do, and why this training has become critical.

5. Supercharge Skill Development Through Performance Planning By Cornerstone

Elevate with strategic skill development. According to McKinsey’s research, 35% of employees who are provided with skill development opportunities advance their careers, and organizations that focus on skills training achieve revenue growth twice as fast. Uncover actionable tips to help you create an engaged, motivated, and adaptable workforce.

6. The Power Of Persuasion: Developing A Strong Sales Team By TalentLMS

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your current offering, this guide explores in detail how to train salespeople. You’ll learn how to design and deliver a structured sales training and enablement program that works for your team and your business.

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