15,000 Super Bowl fans are getting free mullets as Big Game promotional weirdness goes into overdrive

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The mullet seems to be making a comeback. We’re sorry, America.

Kawasaki and Great Clips have teamed up to offer free stylings of the infamous “business in the front, party in the back” haircut to 15,000 people in the walkup to the Super Bowl.

The stunt (and make no mistake, it absolutely is a stunt) is built around the Kawasaki Super Bowl ad, which shows a pair of friends magically growing a mullet as they drive a new off-road vehicle from the company. And anything they pass along the way, from bald eagles to celebrities, grows the hairstyle as well.

The promotion kicked off Tuesday—and it seems plenty of people were dead-set on going all Billy Ray Cyrus on their friends and loved ones. While 15,000 seems like a lot of new mullets to spring on the populace … people can’t seem to resist a Super Bowl promotion, it appears. As of Wednesday morning, all of the free mullet cuts had disappeared. So brace yourself the next time you walk into a singles’ bar.

“We’re always looking for unique ways to connect with our fans and tap into culturally relevant moments in an authentic way,” said Lisa Hake, vice president of marketing and communications at Great Clips, in a statement.

Spreading mullets around the country is hardly the only eyebrow-raising stunt the Las Vegas Super Bowl has brought about. DoorDash is giving one winner everything that’s advertised during the game, from cars to desserts to tax-preparation services. And the outside of the Luxor hotel has been converted into a giant Dorito’s chip.

The Super Bowl is a weird time. This year’s game will be played Sunday, Feb. 11, with kickoff at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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